Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ACLU: Ohio Private Prison Unsafe and Disgusting

One year ago, Ohio's Lake Erie Correctional Facility was taken over by the the Corrections Corporation of America's (CCA).  "CCA's track record over the last year at Lake Erie amounts to an across-the board failure: burdening the local community, failing to control the escalation of dangerous conditions within prison walls, all the while ratcheting up costs despite big promises of efficiency."  Who let this happen?  "The compliance rating plummeted from the 97.3% compliance rating the prison achieved when publicly-owned to 66.7%. Auditors found outrageous violations like prisoners being forced to use plastic bags for defecation and cups for urination because they had no running water for toilets. Basic conditions were heinous, with black mold, standing water, and spoiled food found throughout the prison. Perhaps even more troubling were reports that the medical department is grossly understaffed and many prisoners go untreated."   


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