Sunday, January 27, 2013

Prison Suicides 1 Every 11 Days in California

Special Master Matthew Lopes is investigating California prisons at the courts' request.  He wants to see all 33 state prisons but has seen only one--enough to make him argue against Gov. Brown's request to end court supervision of the state prisons.  "The problem of inmate suicides … must be resolved before the remedial phase of the Coleman case can be ended," Lopes wrote, referring to the 2001 lawsuit that led to the appointment of a special master. "The gravity of this problem calls for further intervention. To do any less and to wait any longer risks further loss of lives."  The prison system is responding with a 609-page report.  Yep!  ,0,6228066.story?goback=%2Egde_4402440_member_207320103


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