Monday, December 17, 2012

Tamms Supermax: Report Reveals More Guards Than Prisoners, Soaring Costs

A southern Illinois, all-solitary confinement prison, is reported to have twice the number of guards for the number of prisoners.  Since they are in lock-down cells, that work is something the rest of us might sign up for!  "Tamms has 208 guards and supervisors in its maximum-security unit, or C-max, to handle 138 prisoners, for a security-staff-to-inmate ratio of 1.5-to-1. At Alcatraz in the 1940s, the ratio was 1-to-3, according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons."

Or you might want to sign on a chef/cook:  "In addition, there are 16 food supervisors earning an average of $71,600 a year working at Tamms. That’s the same number of food supervisors as at the Pontiac Correctional Center, which houses around 1,700 maximum- and medium-security inmates."


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