Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can Felons Vote?

State law decides if felons can vote.  According to Solitary Watch and Mother Jones magazine, more than 2 million voters found themselves having to check with the Secretary of State in their own state to see if they were eligible to vote.  In Texas, once someone is "off paper," then he or she can cast a ballot.  In Florida, the governor declared that any felon is blocked from voting;  that overturned the decision of the last two Florida governors.  Given the high number of formerly incarcerated, and the high number of US couch potatoes, seem to me each state needs to reconsider any barriers to anyone voting.
According to The Sentencing Project, 1 in 40 adults are disenfranchised.  In 11 states, felons can never again vote.  and 1 in 13 African Americans of voting age are disenfranchised (4 times the rate on non-African Americans).


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